Tips On How To Handle Mistakes Coaching Youth Baseball With Dan Clemens

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Tips On How To Handle Mistakes Coaching Youth Baseball Part1

This is first of the coaching tips series for youth baseball coaches and youth sports parents featuring Dan Clemens, a youth coach veteran and the author of the book, A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning.

In this video, Coach Dan will be sharing Tips On How To Handle Mistakes Coaching Youth Baseball Players.

Try to separate the player and his or her ability from the mistake they made. It is important to separate the event from the person or the behavior from the person. So, “let’s talk about that ground ball. You really butchered that one out there. What happened? What was going through your mind? Do you remember what exactly you did out there?”

Get them talking a little bit about it. I think sometimes just getting it out really helps them, because then it is okay to talk about it.

I think also setting the environment on the team that everybody is going to make mistakes and we need to be able to learn from them. That is the big piece of getting better.

I always tell my team at one of the first practices that everybody is going to make a mistake at some point during the season, including me. That opens the door and they are pretty good at pointing out when I make the mistakes then.

It is actually helpful, because then we try to laugh about it and they realize it is not the end of the world when a mistake is made. It is not easy. You have to put your ego aside.

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