Personal Development Coach Elliot Kay – MY FATHER WAS AN ALCOHOLIC!

Posted on by personal development coach Elliot Kay talks about the tough time he had growing up in a war torn country whilst his father was also a alcoholic.

Elliot Kay is just like most people in the world, he was not born into wealth, his parents divorced at a young age (which was unheard of where Elliot grew up), he was bullied and treated like a leper.
As he got older he pursued a career in dancing against the advice of friends and family but personal development coach Elliot Kay wasn’t prepared to give into the peer pressure and instead went on to live his dreams. Years later and Elliot was a sought after dancer however did not feel completely fulfilled.

He moved into a development coach role and fortunately found himself in a position where he was coaching staff within some of the worlds leading corporate companies.

Years on a Elliot still found himself unfulfilled so he left the corporate world in search for his true purpose in life, what was his true vale he often questioned.

Elliot soon found himself on an entrepreneurial journey from which he discovered his true purpose. His coaching skills were always of the highest quality, when he got involved in the world of personal development his coaching skills really went into overdrive as he was actually helping people change their lives. This is Elliot’s true purpose in life and the fact people around the world are so appreciative of his exceptional coaching ability is testament to Elliot as he did not ever quit, he followed his dreams, he followed his passion.

His first book and workshop was titled ‘its your right to be wrong’ went down like a storm however since then Elliot has taken his personal development coaching to another level. Power to succeed is a life changing 2 day free event where Elliot dives deep into your subconscious and allows you to identify where you may well be self sabotaging yourself and stops you from being

so who is power to succeed:
You are actively involved in each step of our Empowering Coaching System Process. There is no theory here, we ALL roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty — there is no better way to learn than by doing, and that starts right now! Accelerate your shifts, your growth and then facilitate your move into a new space:
• Tell the world your purpose and start to live it
• Leave fully committed to your mission
• Release all your frustration and get into action
• Be able to deal with pressure positively
POWER TO SUCCEED provides a safe, private space that gives you the tools to launch your business, tell the world of your purpose, or just get out there and make things happen for you! We remove everything that is limiting you from being entrepreneurial, successful and holding you or your business back. There is no better way to learn than by doing, and that starts right here!
This 2-day seminar is not for the faint hearted but for people who want to face their issues, challenges and blockages face-on. These two days are for:
• Entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their situation
• Aspiring entrepreneurs
• Those that want to make the leap from employee to owner

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