Personal Development, Business & Life Coaching Testimonial video #1

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Personal Development and Business & Life Coaching Testimonial video #1

How to Make Gold out of your Life and Dreams.

This is Matt, a client of mine. After only a few sessions, Matt has been applying stuff to his business and sales and getting more out of his relationships, friendships and his clients.

He’s already improved his training and understanding his clients better and how to lead them better.

Matt, “I’ve been converting 9 out of 10 sales. Sales have gone up completely and getting better results with people. Business success is off the charts. My message is being better received. Mikes work helps people make the change by seeing the change.

It’s like in January, that 1 little pin that you pulled out, it made all the difference. Everything fell into place. One thing that I also noticed is one element of your program, the Predicate system, is actually totally helped me resonate with clients.”

Me, “It’s super simple to learn huh?”

Matt, “When I do seminars now, when I use the Predicate system , speaking to every aspect of that, and then click, everybody receives it.”

“So those are just a few ways where I have had all of this unexpected success. And I was already doing good with my business and this is just taking it to another level.”

Me, “Didn’t you say that basically, one thing I teach people is to be more internal and open up, about how when you work with your clients, how when you open up it helps you to see, or helps them to open up more?”

Matt, “This is where Mikes work really helps. Whether its to get in shape or prepare for an Sporting athletic event or recover from a chronic issue, I’ve never seen someone ill or out of shape who doesn’t have some major of block in life like a poor relationship with their mother or family member or block in life, resisting change. That’s where Mike’s work comes into play.”

Mike, “So you would say you have noticed, that’s where I help people to clear those blocks and open up.”

Matt, “Yeah! That’s why I think anybody and everybody can benefit from this.”

Matt, “The good thing about Mike is he is kind of like a modern day Alchemist. So he’s going to take original science, it’s like this transmutation circle, and there’s all these elements, and he kind of made gold out of it. All I can say is trust the process. Accept the change, embrace it. If you doing what you’ve always done, you are going to get the same results you have always had.”

Matt – Nutritionist Biohacker, Trainer

Whether you are in sports, dating, in a relationship, single, in business or have a real life goal, these techniques and coaching skills Absolutely will benefit you.

Come find out more about what MGK International is all about.

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