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Dutch Soccer Vision is all about Dutch Soccer Coaching & Training Methods. Specifically, how the coaches in Holland train young players to play in the style of the Dutch; Attacking Soccer based on top-level Technique and Tactics. A group of extremely accomplished Dutch coaches have made themselves available to help create a Video Training Series that will give coaches and players worldwide an opportunity to see how fully-licensed Dutch-trained coaches develop young soccer players. It’s as if you were to observe the coaches first-hand in The Netherlands.


Many years ago when I first started coaching, I did what lots of coaches do: I thought, “I’ve played the game for a long time, so it’ll be easy to coach.” But I quickly realized that wasn’t going to cut it.
So, I started taking some courses and bought some books and DVDs. At first, I thought the players and the parents, too, would be so impressed with my intricate drills.
I mean, just look at all those cones out there, people!
However, I had a growing feeling that there was more but didn’t know where to turn. I really wanted to be a great coach because I didn’t want to let my players down.
But then I got lucky. I happen to live in St. Louis which is also home to Terry Michler. Terry’s the Varsity Coach at a local High School (CBC High School, St. Louis, MO, USA). His teams have a lot of success. In fact, he happens to be the winningest High School soccer coach in the entire US. Pretty impressive.
The really lucky part, though, is that every summer Terry teaches free coaching courses (who does that?) for any coach that wants to show up. During those courses we covered lots of topics but he kept bringing up the Dutch.
Well, it turns out that Terry is an expert in how to coach players using Dutch training methods.
From the 1970s until now, Terry has visited, studied and developed relationships with, top-level, Fully-Licensed (KNVB) Dutch coaches. Terry Michler has also written a book on Dutch Soccer: “Total Football.”
But the absolute best part is that every summer Terry holds camps for local club players and he brings in these Top-Level, Fully-Licensed Dutch coaches. So as I’m trying to figure out how to coach, I thought “What a great way for me to learn how these professional Dutch coaches do what they do.” So, I would go out and watch them work with the players during the camps. At the time, my schedule was flexible enough to allow me to watch these training sessions during the day and although there were a couple of other coaches out observing, I thought it was a shame that more coaches couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.
The Dutch always want to share their methods because they know that it will raise the level of play and Coach Michler has the same approach: Share what you know to make the game better.
So, just like with his free courses in the summer, Coach Michler’s mission is to improve the game, whether it’s in St. Louis, San Francisco, Serbia or South America. We thought it would be great to share these Dutch training sessions with other coaches so we started filming the camps.
Back when I first started taking coaching courses, I would walk away with exercises but I never really learned how to coach. What to focus on, why this or that was important and most importantly, had only a vague idea of what to actually say to the players!
As I learned, and as you’ll soon learn, it’s NOT about the exercises, it’s all in how you coach the exercises and that’s what is so great about being on the ground, up close and personal, with these Dutch coaches: You get to hear exactly what they say to the players!! And more importantly, WHY! When you’re training a group of players, it’s not theoretical. It’s real-world. The players are looking at you and they’re wondering how you’re going to help them become better players. Here at the camps, the players are NOT rehearsed and they’re NOT top-level professional players that could make any exercise look good. These boys and girls are regular club players from about 11-15 years old. The type of players that you might have on your team. (The Dutch Soccer Vision Video Coaching Series is for ages 8 — 28.)
For me, learning how Dutch coaches see the game, interpret the game and train the players to perform better in games has truly opened my eyes to a fantastic way of coaching.
My players always improve throughout the season, it’s very easy to plan my practices and the kids enjoy the training because they know that everything we do in practice will help them play better in the games. But the players also like our sessions because much of the time they are actually playing soccer in Small-Sided Games.
Take a page from their book and learn how the Dutch consistently develop so many amazing players and teams.

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