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Propel Yourself Forward With Life and Business

Life or Business Coaching is designed for people that are truly ready, motivated and committed to create a successful life for themselves, or ready to take their business to a new level of success. A life or business coach is skilled in helping you make dramatic improvements every area of your personal or business life and holding you accountable for the changes you say you are committed to making.

Ten years ago, coaching was considered the new “fad” in personal and business development but now everyone from Fortune 500 executives to homemakers and small-business owners are taking advantage of the power in having someone on your team, in your corner…so you don’t sit on the bench.

A Coach is not a therapist. Although many Coaches are consultants, a true Coach is more than a consultant…a Coach is also a friend who can give you the “tough love” you need to make the hard decisions in your personal or business life. A Coach helps you focus on both the big picture and the task at hand so you can reach your end goals in a manageable, organized and methodical way.

A Coach is committed to your success ALMOST as much as you are (Hint: your Coach should NEVER be more committed to your goal than you are!). Your Coach is your personal expert, consultant, motivator, mastermind partner and cheerleader, all wrapped up in one powerful package, to help you realize your highest potential!

Most Coaches specialize but many are skilled in a number of areas. For example, a Life Coach may be focused on people in transition in their lives, whether career changes, divorce, loss of a loved one, etc. Business Coaches may be specialists too, perhaps focused on a specific area of business or a specific type of business.

Wherever you are in your life right now, if you are committed to success, whether personal or business, a Coach can help you get to where you want to go, faster, more efficiently, more profitably and with a greater degree of satisfaction.

While there are many ways Coaches work, there are also typically common areas of focus, particularly in setting and achieving goals. Depending on the structure, your Coach may give you homework to complete before the next session. A good Coach will “MasterMind” with you to help come up with ideas that you might not have considered working on your own.

There are entire books written about coaching, so I’m not going to try to cover the entire global subject of coaching in this short article, but I do want to share with you a little bit about how I coach my clients.

Life Design Coaching (personal or business or both)

Because I have a broad and varied background and have studied and worked in a number of areas throughout my life, I have a somewhat unique approach to coaching. I can bring insight into many areas, both on a personal, spiritual and business level and because I enjoy variety, I split my coaching time between business and life coaching, with a focus on what I call MasterMind Life Design Coaching.

My typical client is an entrepreneur, or wants to be. This could be a small business or home-based business person (or both). He or she is interested in personal development and improvement. My clients typically have an open mind to new ideas and experiences and are willing to look at ways of creating success that might initially be a bit foreign to them.

Because the entrepreneur typically is in a constant state of balancing their personal and business lives, we spend time together co-creating a program to promote that balance of work and play that is so important in the lives of busy entrepreneurs. A large part of our coaching program is the MasterMind process, which essentially is idea development and execution. When two great minds get together working on solving the same problem, magical things can (and do) happen.

Seven Ways MasterMind Life Design Coaching Can Propel Your Personal or Business Life Forward Faster:

  1. Help you to set realistic and achievable goals (Hint: Virtually EVERYTHING is achievable) in your business or personal life
  2. Provide an organized structure to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  3. MasterMind with you (and your business team, if necessary) to generate new ideas, and organized plans for executing on those ideas
  4. Help you develop and automate your marketing and sales efforts for your business
  5. Plug you into the MasterMind Network (yours and mine) to expand your contact base and the resources available to you
  6. Hold you accountable for your own success
  7. Teach you how the Law of Attraction and MasterMind process REALLY works so you can super turbo-charge your life or business by using it properly

I would like to invite you to explore coaching for yourself to determine if it is a structure that can help propel you forward in your own life.

Without a doubt, Coaching can be a major positive force in your life, but coaching is a relationship, so finding the right coach for you. Explore the options. There are a lot of great coaches whose primary goal is to assist you in creating the life that you want to live. Finding the right one will be a step for which you will thank yourself (and your coach) as you develop your greatest potential in life and business.

Create A Successful Small Business

Coaching Is For Champion Athletes And Successful Small Business Owners As Well

You may have played on a sports team and had a coach. But, that may not help you understand how coaching can help in business. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, or the CEO of your company, the focus, goal orientation and strength building of a coach is invaluable.

You may be surprised to know that not only great athletes like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods had coaches. Not only great singers, great actors, or other great artists had coaches. But,CEOs and great business leaders like Michael Dell, Meg Whitman, and Scott McNealy used coaches to reach success.


Many people try to explain the coaching process by explaining what it is not. It is not therapy, as there little emphasis on your past, or your psychological profile. It is not business consulting, because the relationship is a collaborative one. The business coach has expertise, but worked with you as a partner to apply what will work best for you.

The executive and small business coach is there to help you set extraordinary goals, and to make you accountable to accomplish them by building on your strengths.


MYTH: Coaching is for washout, weak figures who can’t make it on their own.

REALITY: It is just those executives with the profiles of champions and a track record of success that understand and maximize the benefits of coaching.

MYTH: Coaching starts by identifying your weaknesses and filling in the gaps.

REALITY: Coaching encourages you to declare a powerful future, of what is possible and predictable based on your strengths. It is there to give you the clarity, power, and velocity to reach your goals.


  • Business Expertise – A coach should quickly understand what it’s like to be in your place. You should have a coach with business experience of running and /or starting a small business to be able to understand your challenges.
  • Professional Training – In addition to business experience, a coach should have training in how to help people make positive change in their lives. Such training is from Psychology, Coaching, Social Work or HR programs.
  • Encouragement and Support – Your coach is your partner. You must feel that in addition to understanding your situation, that your coach recognizes your strengths and uses them to build your business success
  • Goal Oriented – The purpose of the coaching partnership is to get results. One of the key strategies for making that happen is for your coach to collaborate with you to set challenging yet realistic goals, while holding you accountable as well


It is not essential to be geographically close to your coach. Most coaching is done by telephone. That opens up the possibilities for you. You can check for coaching online, and it is advisable to review a coach’s website to get a sense of whether you feel the coach’s background matches your needs. Do not hire a diet or spiritual life coach if you are looking for strategic business planningand growth or ways to find money for your business startup.

In almost all cases, a coach should offer you a free consultation to make sure that you both feel it can be a successful and productive relationship.


It is really different for everyone, and depends on your long term goals. It is not therapy and will not take years of sessions. On the other hand it is not an advice program. I like to compare it to dieting or physical fitness. You can hear a lecture about what to do, but it takes months of practice to change old habits and establish new ones.

Steps To Finding A Business

All top performers attribute a significant importance to the coaches they have encountered in their careers. These top performers initiate the contract with their coaches, hiring, firing and searching constantly for that coach which will give them the competitive edge.

Successful business coaching is not limited to sports. Fortune 500 companies are encouraging their executives to help optimize their performance.

I have found that as a small business coach, the professional in a sole practice or the independent businessman, benefit tremendously from a coach who sometimes fills a role that would otherwise be served by a partner.

If you think you can benefit from working with a coach. Where do you start?

Key Selection Criteria for Hiring a Business Coach

When you look for a coach, you are looking for someone who has experience or insight you don’t have in dealing with a particular subject. The best results will be when you use specific coaches for specific problems or challenges.

The key is how well five specific criteria are met:

  1. Understanding and Support – The coach has got to believe in you, that you have the strength, ability, and determination to work on goals and follow up on agreed upon commitments. You have to be convinced that your coach is supporting and helping
  2. Experience – For a coach to be of value, the coach must have a or experience in the given area you are concerned about. For example, while I work as a small business coach for business owners in areas of management and marketing, I would refer them to someone else if they wanted investment or financial coaching.
  3. Goal oriented approach to your success – A crucial distinction between your coach and other acquaintances is that a coach works with you to make you accountable to take concrete steps to success. The benefit of doing it with a coach is that you are then accountable.
  4. Coach as Teacher – You should expect that a coach will have both a knowledge base to offer suggestions to think about, as well as resources for you to read or use to help you with your business issues. While the coach is not a formal teacher, he or she is someone who is helping you learn more by expanding your options and informing you of methods for success in other businesses.
  5. Intuitive Connection – Don’t eliminate the emotional component from a coaching relationship, even in business. You should feel comfortable and at ease being able to share and discuss with your case. One good criteria to consider, is that you are comfortable giving direction to your coach, and telling your coach was is important for you to focus on. Remember that it is a collaborative relationship.


Make sure the terms of your contract with your business coach are clear, articulated, understood, and agreed to by you and your coach.

Time Frame – Be clear on what help you are asking for and realistic on the time you both think it will take to get done. From my experience it takes at least 3 months to ensure that you have made a plan, executed it, monitored it and follow up to ensure that it was set in place. It is a good idea to set up a trial period of and then reevaluate if both parties still feel it is a win-win relationship.

Coaching Style – Make explicit your preferred way of being coached. You want advice and insight but you also want to make the final decision on accepting this advice. You are not asking them to do your job for you, just to provide a unique perspective for you to consider in your decision making process. Monitor the coaching process to determine if you feel the coach is pushing you too much, or maybe too little. Like all relationships, your coach will need your feedback in order to help you the most.